What a crazy couple weeks!

between a flooded storage unit and assisting with the opening of the OAK & POPPY, its been a wild few weeks.  fortunately things are starting to calm down and ill be back to a tattooing routine starting friday.  thanks to all my clients for being patient, the wait will be worth it i promise.  the OAK & POPPY is such a beautiful shop, thanks to Eric Evans and Sean Roth for diving into the deep end and including us all in this great movement.  here is some pics of the progress, doesn't do it justice so come on down and check us out at 19837 ventura blvd in woodland hills CA 818 914 4387

ill be tattooing alongside Eric Evans, David Wright, and Fabiola Correa, and i couldn't be happier.  we love what we do, in and out of the shop.